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Superb Your Daily Business Work Routine

1. Make time (time block) to check on your CRM System (Google CALENDAR): 15 -30min max a day

2. Make time to check with your "second brain" and accountability partner at least 2-3 times a week: 15-30 min max

3. Stay well informed on latest news relevant to your business - at least twice a week (30 min to 60 min)

4. Make time to review-your current system, web sites and important applications you use regularly and seek a way to improve them: once a week - 30 min

5. Create the BEST possible morning routine (30 - 60 min) and always rest for lunch (30-60 min)

6. Make time to exercise regularly/ work out 2-3 times a week (30 min each)

7. Make time to review your short term goals (once a week for 15 min) and long term goals (once a month for 30 min)

8. Create a log ("second brain") where you face challenges and review them weekly for 30 min.

9. Set mini goals each day and one bigger goal each weekend - make sure you plan those those ahead of time (for example, on Sunday for the upcoming week).

10. Do not read e-mails unless you intend to respond. If you do not have the time to respond, mark as unread. Set time (Example: 3 times a day to respond to e-mails - morning, lunch, evening). Train other people that if they want your immediate response, they need to call or text you.

11. Always answer the phone, but be confident to let people know if you are busy or in the middle of something important and set another time to speak (follow up) with them.

12. Set goals for generating new business contacts (leads) and new business on a weekly basis.

13. Last but not least - do what you love, love what you do and enjoy it. Your business is your "baby" and no one can take better care of "it" than you!

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