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Find a Realtor Who invests in Real Estate

How do you choose your Realtor? Do you go by their personality, knowledge, experience, mindset or excellent references? Do you care if your agent closes on 10-20 transactions or 40 a year? Have you ever asked your Realtor whether they rent or own or if they invest in real estate at all?

Those are questions that a lot of buyers forget to ask their Realtor only because they think they're irrelevant. Well, here's why they are wrong.

Do you know that few real estate agents actually invest in real estate?! Yes, that is correct, realtors do not always pay attention to the investment side of the transactions they are involved in. Anyone can find you a property that you like and matches your budget, but not everyone is deal-savvy to analyze the numbers objectively, point out the main characteristics from an investment point of view and lay out possible exit strategies.

An agent with an investor mindset can give you a broader outlook on your purchase and help you make a smarter choice by picking the best place with the highest rate of return on your money.

Since a property is usually the biggest purchase in a man's life, you are not just buying another pretty object to use, you are actually buying a better future for yourself and your loved ones.

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